Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you have found a bug or have a feature request then please create an issue in this repository (please search first in case a similar issue already exists).


General Prerequisites

  1. Install NodeJS, latest LTS is recommended
  1. Install pnpm (for installing dependencies)
  1. Install yarn@1 (for building the project before deploy)
  1. Install zx (for running project scripts)
  1. Install docker (for bundling the project before deploy and local server)
  1. Install the AWS CLI (for deploying on AWS)
  1. Install the AWS CDK (for deploying on AWS)
Verify installation:
node -v && pnpm --version && yarn --version && zx --version && docker --version && aws --version && cdk --version

Dev Setup

# clone the repo git clone # install dependencies pnpm install # run local dev playground pnpm dev

Helpful commands

pnpm install
Install project dependencies.
pnpm test
Run all unit tests and e2e tests.
pnpm build
Build the entire prisma-appsync library.
pnpm dev
Automatically generates a playground folder (unless already existing), plus run a local GraphQL + AWS AppSync server pointing to the playground folder. This creates an ideal local dev environment that emulates Prisma-AppSync running on AWS locally. Everything inside playground is pointing local source packages.


By submitting your code to the Prisma-AppSync project, you are granting the project maintainers a right to use that code and provide it to others under the BSD 2-Clause License attached to the project. You are also certifying that you wrote it, and that you are allowed to license it to us.